Real estate in Panama

Our specialty is Real Estate, legal administration and sales. It is definitely a major part of any country and is no different in Panama. For 30 years we have provided both legal advice and business to invest in, real estate prices by location and investment laws, challenges and conducting relevant research to them, including the differences between titled property and possessory right and use a possessory right to help achieve the title.

Unfortunately, like any other country Panama is not immune to scams especially in the purchase of properties. Buy wilds that planes can be irregular and suspect records is only possible through an attorney on our level with expertise and know-how to cover all the possibilities of risk associated with investment either for stock trading , development and development of social housing. Each area is different to his credit and is necessary to consider everything before making a purchase. It is especially important because we had customers coming after purchasing to find out who bought in protected areas where you can not change the Land Use.

We can not emphasize enough how important is interact with lawyers experts who not only know the law and regulations, but have the means and experience to conduct negotiations, find fair prices and the real potential of the properties people intend to buy.

GG Business Hub also has a portfolio of customers who rely on us to lead any negotiations. Working with realtors we take care of negotiating and find people interested in real estate projects. We call RE Management and assure you that we have 100% success rate reaching agreements where the parties are benefited to your satisfaction.

Importantly, as we have this property portfolio, we may have a solution for you to want to invest even without looking beyond our portfolio.

Business and real estate law are our specialty and we strongly recommend that if you are interested make a purchase or invest in Panama, talk to us at some point, just to be sure before making the investment or sign any agreement. At that time the effectiveness of our advice will not be the same.