Legal services in Panama


Our law firm provides to its customers the most comprehensive advice on the preparation and processing of all types of contracts and legal documents, and are also in the ability to represent concepts or issuing legal opinions on banking contracts, commercial, civil and administrative.


Our task is to help in any way regarding the issue of companies that includes: Corporations, Writing Bylaws, preparation of minutes of Board of Directors and / or Shareholders' Powers Constitution, dissolution and liquidation of companies. We assist the client throughout the merger and / or acquisition of companies or commercial establishment and the Constitution of all kinds of (collective comanditas, liability and civil societies) societies. .


GARRIDO & GARRIDO attaches great importance to the proper protection and organization of client assets in the long term. In order to ensure this, we have created legal schemes allowing for the creation of Private Foundations and / or trusts, real asset protective entities in jurisdictions as favorable as Panama.


At the present increased legal norms relating to trade marks, patents, copyright and other intellectual property rights that require an agile and effective legal protection. That is why, our firm has developed an internal mechanism to speed up the registration of such rights, as well as defend them in court by legal representation in litigation of opposition to trademark registration, cancellation and nullity actions trademark; and both criminal and civil violations against all kinds of intellectual property rights prosecutions.


Panamanian maritime legislation, the sophistication of its justice system and, in general terms, the many advantages offered, have allowed Panama to become the first merchant fleet in the world. It is for this reason that GARRIDO & GARRIDO has the ability to offer services registration of vessels, shipping registers of ship mortgages, advice on all manner of maritime contracts such as contracts of affreightment, stowage of goods, towing, marine insurance; as we specialize in litigation and maritime arbitration.


As the labor law, regulating relations between capital and labor, which is a relationship that exists in most of the activities taking place both inside and outside the Republic of Panama, our law firm has specialists in this area, which are able to provide all our customers whether the advice in this matter of individual relationships, occupational hazards, industrial relations; as well as represent you in any kind of employment litigation.


Our firm has experts on immigration issues, so we can provide our customers with advice regarding the laws of the same in the country, whether you are in Panama or abroad, indicating the types of permits they conform to the reality of each client, always offering the best choice. Likewise, obtaining the respective work permits that are necessary and which are closely linked to immigration procedures.


Regarding Fiscal matters, GARRIDO & GARRIDO presents an individualized client counseling, focusing on their particular needs and creating an appropriate tax structure for the activities developed by the customer. In international affairs, use of legal resources of a fiscal nature allowed in Panama and in other jurisdictions in order to encourage every customer, always offering multiple options and supported in national and international tax law is made. Similarly, we are able to provide our customers the necessary advice on everything related to tax benefits that our legislation provides in terms of agroforestry, tourism and other activities natures.


Family law is a topic with great interest by our team of lawyers who have extensive experience in handling all matters including divorce, alimony, adoptions, according to marital assets, etc.