Corporate engineering

Corporations are the foundation of the Panamanian law and the equivalent in other jurisdictions and companies limited liability LLC in the US and some European countries. They are necessary for any investment made in the country as a purchase of real estate, investments, protection of property, government contracts and business in general as enterprises and large companies. So no matter the size of your idea will need to have a company to protect your investment.

While it is true that underlie your legal structure does not mean you should entrust the whole structure of your business in just the base. This means that depending on what made the company or business must have a structure or engineering according to the objectives you have planned.

It is good to note that both lawyers and consulting firms charge for hours, contracts, annexes and corrections not only because we live it but because everything may seem insignificant has a cost and a record. It is therefore imperative not underestimate a strong or adequate legal framework for particular business because if you start with very little, sooner or later have to pay a lot.

On that note we are similar to his tailor, we will make a tailored dress always with the options you need and tailored to your budget.